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Our featured work includes the long term benefits of using our soil amendment products in Residential, Community, and Commercial projects in 

Ventura, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties.


Join the growing number of people that are actively restoring their landscape and gardens. Whether you a growing a lawn and plants for a beautiful landscape or growing an organic vegetable garden for an edible landscape, you can reduce your cost and maintain a beautiful garden while increasing your yield of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. By incorporating a few inches of organic compost into your soil as deep as you can with a rototiller, shovel or rake you will create a growing medium that holds water, provides a broad spectrum of nutrients, drains well, and allows air into your soil so roots can grow more deaper.  Most importantly, you will build a sustainable landscape or garden by providing food for your soil along with a place for beneficial insects, worms, and small animals to thrive thus creating a soil that is healthy and alive.


Organic compost can help Landscapers and Gardeners save a lot of time and money, because our compost works to improve our clay soil, that is already rich in nutrients, by adding a stable and organic matter to improve the soils structure. It allows the soil the ability to retain water, to aerate the soil and create space to allow proper root growth, and increased drought resistance. Thousands of good microbes found in compost work to consume the nutrients needed to feed plants and do so much to add beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.  This reduces the need for chemical pesticides by suppressing soil born diseases, herbicides by acting as a natural weed barrier, and fertilizers by providing plant nutrients.  This protects our local ground water and supports biodiversity, improves soil structure and helps save on water usage.


Many commercial projects today understand how organic compost products and mulches can dramatically boost growing results. They provide a healthier and stronger lawn, and more beautiful plants by improving the health of the soil. Our organic compost is the organic matter you need to incorporate into our native clay soil here in Southern California.  Benefits of a healthy soil include reduced water usage, reduced future nutrient requirements, improved nutrient cycling, and increased disease resistance.  More and more companies are also using organic compost and mulches to suppress weeds, increase moisture retention in the soil, and help control soil erosion.


From providing soil products for the original construction of the Ronald Reagan Library, UCLA, Norton Simon Museum, Lotus Land and many other commercial projects since 1985, American Soil has been an integral part of countless commercial landscape projects. It's important to the project to be able to identify a good commercial compost; it will be dark and rich with a crumbly texture that feels good and loose enough for you to work with. It will have a pleasant soil smell, like a forrest floor, as well as a maturity and consistency that is identified with a soil analysis to determine peak performance. So if you need just a little bit or a full truck load call us to schedule your delivery or pick up at our Simi Valley location.


American Soil has provided many local businesses with the initial installation of the their landscape projects. We have been instrumental in helping grow the local area providing our products to places like Westlake Car Wash, Cancer Support Community,  Triunfo Community Park, Pierce Brothers Mortuary, Moorpark Country Club, Los Robles Golf Course, Westlake High School, Agoura High School, Janns Mall, Oak Park High School, Oak Hills Elementary, La Reina High School, Oaks Christian High School, Newbury Park High School, Moorpark College, Oak Canyon Community Park, Deer Hill Park, Conejo Creek Park and many more. We've also provided various soil products to landscape the common areas of home developments like Montego, Three Springs, Lake Sherwood, Fountainwood, North Ranch and more.

It's been our honor and pleasure be able to serve our community the way we have for over 35 years. We genuinely care about each order we receive, no matter how large or how small. Our team at American Soil Amendment Products takes the utmost responsibility when it comes to helping our customer and giving our recommendations to meet your landscape needs. If we cannot help you we probably know someone who can. We take pride in our work, providing you with the best quality soil products and service available in our local area.

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