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Organic Compost

A fully composted and stabilized fir-based amendment that is manufactured by us using centuries-old and proven methods.  It is chemical-free, weed-free and screened for consistency.  It also adheres to the stringent USCC-STA Program for product and nutritional stability.  Used for soil-prep or back-fill mix, your soil will benefit from increased moisture retention, permeability, reduced compaction, enhanced root air space, disease suppression, and enhanced microbial activity for stable nutrient provision.


Organic Compost with Rice Hulls

By adding Rice Hulls to our Organic Compost, hard clay-type soils will be structurally transformed.  Rice Hulls have been used for centuries to create needed air space, additional permeability, reduced compaction, enhanced root development, and will last for up to 20 years in your soil. It also provides a measure of additional acidity for subtle organic soil pH correction.  This is ideal for balancing out our naturally alkaline Native California soil.

Seed Cover

100% Organic Seed Cover will provide moisture retention, seed protection and enhanced germination.  Spread this uniformly up to a ½” depth over your seed.

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