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 The American Soil Difference

American Soil
100% Organic Compost


Green Waste Compost
1. Control of Feedstock begins with Sustainably Farmed Virgin Wood direct from the mill. Our proprietary composting process assures purity 1. No control of Feedstock. Accepts all green material INCLUDING DEAD AND DISEASED PLANTS
2. Member of United States Composting Councils Seal of Testing Assurance Program for regular testing of nutrient content 2. May not be tested regularly or at all
3. Fully Composted and Mature assures nutrient stability 3. Frequently less that 1 MONTH OLD
4. High nutrient levels require no additional fertilizers 4. Often mixed with human sludge bio-solids which can contain Salmonella and Fecal Coli
5. No Chemicals 5. Frequently contains odor control chemical perfumes that require Rubber Gloves, Aprons and Goggles to apply
6. No Pesticides and Insecticides 6. May contain plant stunting BIFENTHRIN, which kills ants on grass and on golf courses. Grass is a MAJOR FEEDSTOCK SOURCE
7. No Herbicides 7. May contain Imprelis, ‘Round-Up Aireactor,’ or countless other herbicides
8. No Dyes 8. Can contain dark colored dyes or iron based chemicals to simulate richness and maturity.
9. No Eucalyptus 9. Growth impeding eucalyptus is a MAJOR FEEDSTOCK SOURCE
10. Weed Free 10. Weeds are a MAJOR FEEDSTOCK SOURCE and a short curing process leave many weed seeds viable
11. No Trash! 11. It’s not uncommon to find plastic, paper, or demolition wood debris: in-cluding plywood and its assortment of glues.

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