Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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About American Soil

We began in 1985 with one basic idea.  Produce and Deliver high quality soil products throughout Southern California.  Since that time, American Soil has become an essential part of thousands of backyards, numerous Award-Winning commercial projects, municipal projects, school projects and roof-top gardens.
We begin our composting process with Pure Virgin Wood Chips, Shavings, and Sawdust and NOT from Green Waste.  And we adhere to stringent United States Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance Standards (USCC-STA Program) for macro and micro nutrient stability.

So, when you need a soil product that has been relied upon for effectiveness and consistency since 1985, Call Us for Next-Day Delivery or come by and pick it up yourself.  We’ll do the loading for you.


Contact Us: 805-578-0052 · 818-889-2727 (ASAP)

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